山山地倶楽部について Club YAMASAN'chi

雑木林(Grove of mixed trees)
山山地の地図(The Map ofYAMASAN'chi)

東屋(Garden House)

Club YAMASAN'chi is an independent research activity group that hasbeen active since 2020 by members participating in the Nagoya ResearchInstitute for the Future Development. They are interested in a new way ofinteraction between people and nature by utilizing the mixed forest inKomaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Activities include overall maintenance andmanagement of mixed forests, such as pruning, thinning, and undergrowthcutting, as well as maintenance of research facilities and holding exchangemeetings.

In the past, the area was a satoyama(mixed forest) area, and until the1950s, it was a place where people and nature interacted, such ascollecting firewood for fuel. However, in the last 50 years, the use offirewood as fuel has disappeared, while the development of residentialareas has weakened the connection between mixed forests and people. "Anew way of interaction between people and nature" is also a search for amethod for sustainably maintaining mixed forests and passing them on tothe next generation.

Komaki City belongs to the Aichi Ecosystem Network and the NorthernOwari Ecosystem Network Council (participants include universities, NPOs,companies, governments, etc.) along with Seto City, Kasugai City, andInuyama City. The Inuyama Satoyama Science Center has beenestablished by Inuyama City as a place to come into contact withSatoyama through exhibitions and hands-on experiences, and to reconsiderthe relationship between humans and nature. At the Center, the InuyamaInstitute of Satoyama Studies (Director: Dr. Susumu Hayashi), a specifiednon-profit organization, is developing various activities aimed at forming "Satoyama Studies Created by Citizens." The website manager of ClubYAMASAN'chi is also participating as a member.

Club YAMASAN'chi would like to introduce their activities by issuing abulletin, and build connections with fellow members who understand thepurpose of their activities.


NPO法人犬山里山学研究所INUYAMA Institute for SATOYAMA Sciences
愛知生態系ネットワーク/尾張北部生態系ネットワーク協議会Aichi EcosystemNetwork/Northern Owari Ecosystem Network Council

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